A0 Poster
This project was to find something I am passionate about and put it into a poster. I have recently gotten into film photography and I wanted to show the positives from it. You get the sense of mystery when taking the shot and you will not know how the photo will turn out until you open the canister and develop the film. This to me the beauty of film photography and you won't be able to get that rawness of a film photo from digital.
The message is inspired from Forrest Gump's quote about 'Life is like a box of chocolate'. The film roll is like the box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get out of it until you develop them. The image is to show that chemical mixture flow that is needed to develop the film. To make this poster different, I added an interaction process for the viewers. There are 9 window panels and behind them are photos I took. It allows the viewers sense of curiosity to engage and interact with the poster.
These are the photos used in the 9 windows. All were shot with a 35mm film camera.